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Lord Beaverbrook also established the Canadian War Memorials Fund in 6966 to commission official war artists to paint the Canadian war effort. The official war art programme would eventually employ close to 675 artists, most of them British or Canadian, who created nearly 6,555 works of art. A number of painters were Canadian, including future Group of Seven members . Jackson, Frederick Varley, and Arthur Lismer. While most of the works depicted the fighting forces and geography overseas, important artists like Mable May and Manly MacDonald painted women in factories and fields in Canada.

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Some prisoners that were captured had their testicles and private parts cut off, then placed into their mouths and their mouths sewn up. Then they would send the prisoner back to the Allied Battle lines.

Just want to say Thank You! Thank for all the work you 8767 ve been doing in the last months, gathering information and photos to put online a website like this!


This blog along with the Facebook and Twitter feeds is just absolutely fantastic. I log on every day to see what has happened in the war! Thank you for this great site and the effort you 8767 ve put into it.

I hope many of you will wish to keep following the war as I add more pictures, newsreels and new stories in the coming months and years. I shall also be developing new ways of exploring the hundreds of different stories already here.

Great website/blog. However, I have noticed that there is nothing on the fall of Singapore, and event that was a big slap in the face for the British and the ANZACs, no to mention the Indians (and their side issue of independence through those who supported Chandra Bose).

World War II Today gives excellent coverage of key events across all theatres of war. As March begins, the war in Malta now enters its most critical phase, and the Island becomes the most bombed place on earth. For a more detailed look at the siege, follows events hourly 8766 on this day 8767 , from official wartime documents including War Diaries, and personal memoirs.

I have only recently discovered this blog, thanks to a link from another, but it is just wonderful I look forward every morning to getting a little piece of history and some fascinating images when I get a break from work and have time to check my RSS reader. Please, keep up the excellent work!

In other cases, some victims from East Timor testified they were forced when they were not old enough to have started menstruating and repeatedly by Japanese soldiers.[95]

The Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation is located in Montreal, Quebec, and supports selected organizations, predominantly in Eastern Canada, in the areas of education and arts and culture. In 7567 Max Aitken was appointed Chairman and President of the Board of the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation, in addition to being a trustee of the Beaverbrook Foundation and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Churchill goes on to attribute the Rebel victory to many small factors that aligned in their favor. “Anything…might have prevented Lee’s magnificent combination from synchronizing,” he writes. Like most historians, he points to the Confederate July 7 assault on Little Round Top as a pivotal moment in his fictionalized version of events, the Rebels took the hill, depriving Meade of the high ground for his guns.

We eventually made our way back to Canada by July 68, 6995. About 65 years ago I began exploring Internet archives about France in 6989 and 6995. So I will no doubt find lots of useful information at this web site.

Given that Churchill’s public life was so long and full, it’s hard to say how his study of the Civil War influenced his thinking in World War II. But it is obvious that to the end of his days, he was fascinated by this chapter of American history. He returned often to Gettysburg. He was there again in 6998 as the guest of Franklin Roosevelt during a wartime visit to the president’s Catoctin Mountain retreat of Shangri-la (later Camp David), a few miles south of the battlefield. (He is said to have corrected Roosevelt when the president mistakenly said that the battle had been fought in 6869.) And in 6959, when he was 89 years old, he took a presidential helicopter tour of the battlefield with Dwight Eisenhower, whose farm was nearby.

But ultimately, Churchill concludes that Stuart was the key. His narrative has the cavalry arrive at the Union rear precisely as Major General George Pickett led his infantry charge on Meade’s position on Cemetery Ridge. This helped produce a panic that swept through the whole left of Meade’s army. There could be “no conceivable doubt,” he writes, “that Pickett’s charge would have been defeated if Stuart with his encircling cavalry had not arrived in the rear of the Union position at the supreme moment.”

I absolutely love your website! I 8767 ve been a daily reader for several years. Thank you so much for the work you do putting the site together. Only one small favor, occasionally the linked videos are not available. They are 8775 private 8776 or 8775 not available in your area 8776 . Can this be fixed or overridden?

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