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Can the American People Be Trusted to Govern Themselves

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 08:03

Contrary to popular wisdom, there’s no single “tell” that will help you detect untrustworthiness. Rather, you need to look for these four clues together to more accurately predict whether someone is worthy trusting—or not.

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By local I mean they are often confined to particular groups or demographics what might be the social norm for people at the golf club will be very different for those on the estate, or the social norm for those people reading certain newspapers etc.

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Finally, that virtuous majority that Kendall identified in America’s Founding will have to enforce these norms of legislative deliberation. Instead of thinking of politics as a win-at-any-cost endeavor, the people will have to think institutionally to some extent, and reward behavior that preserves deliberation even if it detracts from the policy outcomes they seek to achieve. That so many today prefer to avoid the difficulties inherent in building a governing legislative majority indicates the most critical problem facing the American experiment. Americans can be trusted to self-govern, but they also must remember that self-government means valuing sound political process, and is not simply reducible to getting the right policy outcomes.

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Facebook and Twitter now allow a world audience to an individual 8767 s view like never before. This has obvious benefits and threats but whatever your thoughts it 8767 s a platform for your voice to add to other messages.

This article was doing well with me till the author made a very broad generalisation about rolexes and mercedes owners. Can you trust people who judge people on their appearances? Not!

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It seems to me that events have long-since overtaken the question Mr. Postell poses. The American people no longer govern themselves, and they have not done so for some time now. Instead, we live today in an elected soft despotism, that is, a state of affairs in which we periodically trudge to the polls to engage in the theater of choosing those who thereafter tell us what we must, may, and may not do to an extent that is extraordinarily fine-grained.

Intimacy.  Does the person listen to you in a way that makes you feel heard? Do you feel they’re being open with you? Do you feel the interaction is two-way? It’s OK to answer this one with emotional responses – part of trust is emotional and this is that part.

Reliability.  Can you depend on this person to do what they say they’ll do? Do they have a track record with you? If not with you, can they demonstrate a track record with others, as in references?

No Guarantees.  Ronald Reagan’s famous dictum “trust but verify,” was misleading if you have to verify, you’re not trusting. There simply is no trust without risk. To trust, by definition, is to put oneself in harms way of the actions of another in the belief that the other will not choose harm.

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