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Effects of Complex Trauma | National Child Traumatic

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 10:32

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Effects of Sexual Violence | RAINN

It may sound strange, but people sometimes have trouble recognizing that they are being abused. Recognizing abuse may be especially difficult for someone who has lived with it for many years. A person might think that it's just the way things are and that there's nothing that can be done. People who are abused might mistakenly think that it's their fault for not doing what their parents tell them, breaking rules, or not living up to someone's expectations.

Domestic Violence and Abuse: Types, Signs, Symptoms

These suppositions are born out by studies that have demonstrated powerful interactions between the child's prior exposure to potentially damaging situations, and the degree of adult disturbance apparently associated with a history of child sexual abuse (Mullen et al. 6998 and 6999 Fergusson et al. 6996 and 6997).

The Health Effects of Childhood Abuse: Four Pathways by

In studies on the long-term impact of child sexual abuse that employ adult subjects, it is all too easy to forget the abuse occurred in childhood, and to resort to applying inappropriately adult-centred conceptualisations. In deriving models of the link between child sexual abuse and adult difficulties, the heavy reliance on the concept of post-traumatic stress disorder may be an example of such an error.

In my experience, some denial even as an adult can be helpful. Denial can help slow the process down. We know denial helps a child to survive. We cannot expect someone to simply abandon their hard earned coping strategies even if they are safe now. Safety is not only an external reality it is an internal one as well. Many survivors do not feel safe and may need some denial to cope with how they feel.

Children whose emotional needs are not met who are emotionally deprived, or otherwise abused can also be more vulnerable because they need attention and some perpetrators exploit that need. Again, this is not the child 8767 s fault. The child did not create the fact that her/his needs were not met, nor the fact that someone exploited that need.

Child sexual abuse may be a necessary, but rarely (if ever) a sufficient, cause of adult problems. Child sexual abuse acts in concert with other developmental experiences to leave the growing child with areas of vulnerability. This is a dynamic process at every level, and one in which there are few irremediable absolutes. Abuse is not destiny. It is damaging, and that damage, if not always reparable, is open to amelioration and limitation.

RAINN partners with 6in6 , an organization that helps men who experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood to live healthier, happier lives. Check out their resources for family and friends to learn more about supporting a man who has experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences.

Unfortunately, traumatized children such as Zachary and Sally who receive specialized treatment services remain the exception rather than the rule. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, a million children are abused each year, and researchers estimate that fewer than 65 percent are benefiting from appropriate interventions.

These biochemical imbalances can have profound implications. For example, abuse typically lowers serotonin levels, leading to depression and impulsive aggression.

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