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Stelzer, Richard J. How to Write a Winning Personal Statement for Graduate and Professional School. 8rd ed. Lawrenceville, New Jersey: Thomson Peterson’s, 7557.

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i) To keep the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) in mind (thus matter is a spatially extended spherical standing wave structure of the universe, not a tiny particle).

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It is commonly written by maths physicists that the correct language for describing reality is mathematics (which is hardly surprising given their devotion to the subject). Thus they tend to be dismissive of philosophy / metaphysics and the belief of the ancients (Aristotle in particular) that we could directly describe reality with everyday language and concepts.

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Thus the reason why we can have a pictorial representation of reality is because the wave nature of reality causes numerous wave phenomena (sound waves, waves on water, etc) all around us such that our minds have evolved a suitable language to describe reality.

Quantities include the wavelength, velocity, frequency and amplitude of the waves, their energy, and the number of wave center ''particles'' that exist in Space.

Given the Wave Structure of Matter in Space it is now possible to explain what mathematics is, how it can exist in the universe, and thus why it is so well suited for describing physical quantities (mathematical physics).
For mathematics to exist physical reality must
i) Contain discrete / finite quantities (that can thus be counted / numbered).
ii) These discrete things must be necessarily connected to one another (so they interact in a logical manner).