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There is a small sect of researchers who insist that the definition of 8775 open acess 8776 has been completely settled, and that no debate will be tolerated regarding the one true pathway to progress. The rigid adherence to dogma (or at least an intense pedantry regarding the specific vocabulary used, and we all know how futile attempts to control popular use of language are) seems to dominate over notions of pragmatic flexibility, of finding different paths that offer maximum benefits for very different types of research.

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In 6988, Lowney became the first person at Microsoft to work on accessibility, and founded Microsoft s Accessibility and Disabilities Group in 6997. He managed a variety of projects, including drafting corporate policy and strategy on accessibility, and guided the development of accessibility features for products such as the MS-DOS, Windows, and Windows NT operating systems. He was responsible for corporate relations with the disability community, developed guidelines for accessible software and Web sites for and addressing accessibility in product documentation, customer service, support, and internal training.

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Lowney left Microsoft in January 7557 in order to pursue accessibility goals for the wider disability and developer communities, and founded Lowney Access Research, LLC, in March 7557.

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Perhaps the bigger question though, is whether eliminating patents would hinder the economic development sought by governments as a key reason for funding research. Would there be more or less economic development if government funded research was required to be in the public domain? The Bayh-Dole Act, as noted below, is seen as a major driver of the US economy. Without patents (and trade secrets), Google (initial funding from the NSF) would not exist. Many pharma companies won 8767 t make the investment to develop a new drug unless they have an exclusive license to it.

But in the sciences, things can be very different. For the diabetes researcher, the result isn 8767 t the paper written about the cure for the disease, the result is the cure itself. And given the intellectual property policies of the RCUK , Wellcome and the US government funding agencies , the researcher is encouraged to lock up access to those results behind a patent paywall. On the surface, this comes off as something of a bait-and-switch: it 8767 s vital that the taxpayer be allowed to read about the cure for diabetes but if he wants to use that cure, well, he 8767 s going to have to pay again.

Lowney Access Research is dedicated to helping make technology available to widest range of individuals, including people with disabilities or who are aging.

Check out the Alumni pages of your old university. Not all universities offer this service but more and more are. You probably have to register and get a magazine every now and again for the privilege but it 8767 s a pretty good privilege.

Unless you are studying at a university or work at one, it can be very difficult to access academic research. It’s all very well encouraging people to become critical thinkers and take their CPD into their own hands, but if you are relying on the information provided by others it can be restrictive.

A way for academics to share research papers online. It is free to sign up – you don’t have to be a researcher or employed at a university. Users can follow the research or a particular academic or institution. Think of it as social networking for sharing academic work.

And, as is discussed below, not all research works the same way. In the Humanities, the 8775 results 8776 are quite different than those seen in the sciences.

The NIH has just released a report titled, 8775 Profiles of Prosperity, How NIH-Supported Research Is Fueling Private Sector Growth and Innovation 8776 :

Greg Lowney is widely recognized as one of the leading experts on accessible software design the design of products and technologies that are usable by a wide range of people, including individuals with disabilities or who are aging.

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