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80 Books No Woman Should Read | Literary Hub

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 21:15

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The essay describes how Beijing has become so big, so full, and so expensive, that life has virtually become unsustainable. The result of Beijing 8767 s transformation, according to the post, is that its residents, both locals and immigrants, just 8775 pretend to live there 8776 , leading 8775 fake lives. 8776

Greenberg: Avant-Gardde and Kitsch

I think there are mostly good and great books on the list. I suspect that the aspect that is giving everyone the greatest heartburn is the 8766 cute 8767 encapsulations of why the book should be read which are juvenile for all the books even the good and great ones.

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We don 8767 t know how Gertrude Stein chose to 8775 identify 8776 herself, except perhaps that she identified herself as 8775 Baby 8776 and her wife Alice Toklas as 8775 Lovey. 8776

Ernest Hemingway is also in my no-read zone, because if you get the model for your art from Gertrude Stein you shouldn’t be a homophobic antisemitic misognynist, and because shooting large animals should never be equated with masculinity. The gun-penis-death thing is so sad as well as ugly. And because the terse, repressed prose style is, in his hands, mannered and pretentious and sentimental. Manly sentimental is the worst kind of sentimental, because it’s deluded about itself in a way that, say, honestly emotional Dickens never was.

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fight club showed that male insecurity pretty nicely, but it 8767 s also so much a part of our social and online worlds, of fearing not being adequate, or succeeding at things we feel we 8767 re not meant to be good at.

However, a couple of points are in order: I think it 8767 s contestable that Hemingway got 8775 the model for his art 8776 from Gertrude Stein. But even if he did, and even if we agree that it is misogynistic, antisemitic, and homophobic, he wouldn 8767 t have been varying too far from Stein herself. Stein was enormously complicated, and besides being a queer Jewish woman, she also had complex ideas about masculinity and femininity that would not easily pass these days for instance, the idea that great art was essentially masculine. Like many of the modernists in her circle, she flirted intellectually with xenophobia, fascism, and racial purity.

He ends by writing: 8775 There are over 75 million people left in this city, pretending to live. In reality, there simply is no life in this city. Here, there are only some people 8767 s dreams and everybody 8767 s jobs. 8776

I 8767 ve read all those authors. I 8767 ll take you seriously when you advise people to expand their minds by reading authors who aren 8767 t as widely-consumed.

But Ms. Solnit, why are we stooping to even address Esquire? It 8767 s like arguing that an Adam Sandler movie should be more philosophical. Is your aim to persuade the editors to elevate their magazine to persuade society to somehow destroy the magazine or to inform us that the magazine isn 8767 t progressive? Your essay won 8767 t do anything about the first and third options (because #6 won 8767 t happen and #8 is already accomplished.) If you want to destroy Esquire, I wish you the best of luck.

6. Stop perpetuating the pathetic idea that men cannot be feminists. Of course they can, that 8767 s EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT! Men and women should both be interested in human rights / equality.

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