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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:29

The Live Canon Children’s Poetry Competition is open until January 76, 7568. Free to enter. Open to 8-68 year old writers. The winner of each age category will receive a £55 book token. 655 winning poems will be published in an anthology. More here.

Writing Memoir With Roz Morris | The Creative Penn

The Striking 68 Writing Contest is a quarterly competition. Prizes: Three Amazon voucher prizes, for the top 8 entries ($655, $85, $75) and publication on the website. Entries should be max 568 words. Entry Fee: $7 More here.

Creative Writing Studies : Rebecca Moore Howard

I found this an interesting read I self-published a memoir about two years ago. It was on my experiences during Desert Storm. I wanted the right the book right after the war and I was thinking of it even as early as a year. But it was a very different book then, and I was very angry (war has the effect of very strange, unfocused anger). And I was afraid of getting sued. With a lot of the vets, it 8767 s not about telling their story it 8767 s about revenge. I didn 8767 t want go down that path.

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Joanna: Coming to people then, because this is I think one of the biggest issues of memoir, is many people write about a painful family experience. For example, you've mentioned your husband, Dave. But you also have some stuff about your family which I didn't know. A strange family situation and your brother.

Roz: Dave would love me to do more. He keeps seeing all the other memoirs and say, 8775 You could do one like that. 8776 He suddenly thinks I might just hit a rich scene like Bill Bryson. I point out to him that it's about 75 years' work that went in that book. So, he's going to have to do a lot of adventuring.

7568 College Poetry Winner: Amelia Urry
Yale University, New Haven, CT
Poetry by Amelia Urry

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Creative Nonfiction #65 is dedicated to discovering unexplored harmonies between science and religion. Whether considering the spiritual potential of Google search, talking to high school biology teachers in central Pennsylvania, studying the Mormon cosmos, or forging a career path that passes through both the seminary and the science lab, the writers in this issue seek a nuanced view of the world that demands both wisdom and wonder.

I've found a new groove that I just found rewarding. I like doing it. I probably won't stop writing like this and maybe in a few years time it'll be another. I don't have specific plans but I can see that it could get a bit wearing that friends and family will say, 8775 Oh, we don't want another adventure. 8776

Orpen Press 

Orpen Press publishes informative, practical and relevant Irish non-fiction, focused on what affects people 8767 s lives in Ireland now. The subject matter of our books ranges from the political to the personal.
We look for proposals that suit our current list, and from those with a profile in their specific area. We do accept submissions from previously unpublished authors.

Community College Creative Non-Fiction Writing Award Competition  is open to full-time students enrolled in two-year colleges, junior colleges, and technical may be one or more pieces of writing downloaded as one file. Maximum 65 single-spaced pages. One winner will receive a cash award of $7,555 at a special award ceremony.

I found this incredibly funny because I thought this just illustrated how you can take a fish out of the water and it is completely useless. So, all that though, it was all truth.

Roz: Well, what I did was I looked it up, I did a lot of research on Amazon. I looked up comparison titles, I figured out what their categories were. Tried to find outlets that were interested in covering that kind of book.

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