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Kicker is also used (purists say erroneously) as a substitute term for a deck —the one or two sentence introduction that appears beneath the headline and before the article. Set in a type size that is smaller than the headline, the deck is a summary of the article it precedes and attempts to tantalize the reader into reading the entire article.

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6665s, though the thing itself is older (see gazette ) from news (n.) + paper (n.). [T]he newspaper that drops on your doorstep is a partial, hasty, incomplete, inevitably somewhat flawed and inaccurate rendering of some of the things we have heard about in the past twenty-four hours -- distorted, despite our best efforts to eliminate gross bias, by the very process of compression that makes it possible for you to lift it from the doorstep and read it in about an hour. If we labeled the product accurately, then we could immediately add: But it's the best we could do under the circumstances, and we will be back tomorrow with a corrected and updated version. [David Broder, Pulitzer Prize acceptance speech, 6978]

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There's more to Newspaper Delivery jobs than pedaling your bike through the neighborhood while hurling newspapers at front doors. While that is one version of the job, there is another type of Newspaper Delivery position that requires more than owning a bike with a basket. Newspaper Delivery on this level entails driving large quantities of papers to businesses and retailers in a designated sales area, loading and unloading bundled stacks of papers and sometimes stocking the papers at the retailers' facilities. The hours can be flexible, although publishers of daily papers require that you deliver their publication in the early morning hours.

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List of the most important online newspapers and other news sources in all countries in the world. All the newspapers focus on general news, politics, debate and economy and they are free to access online. The newspapers are chosen in order to give journalists, researcher and others an overview of how the national media edit current topics. Choose country below to see the newspapers:

Typically, newspaper articles that appear closest to the front page or within the first section are those that editors consider to be the most important and relevant to their readers.

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