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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 16:27

Today, drug delivery is experiencing a major expansion. Recent progress in the field of molecular biology, biotechnology, and material sciences has resulted in the emergence of interesting technologies, which may hold great potential for the development of more efficient and safer pharmacological therapies. Paradoxically, the concomitant upsurge in published reports on drug-delivery systems does not correlate with advances.

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How do the pills know where to go doc? This is not a dumb question at all, and led me to discuss receptors and their specificity with my patients. Only patients with no post-secondary education were secure enough to ask it. No college graduate was ever brave enough to as a dumb question like that.

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They 8767 re certainly 8775 publication bait 8776 in many cases, and that 8767 s one of LeRoux 8767 s big points: the specialist journals in this area are publishing a bit less of the gaudy stuff, which is instead showing up in the broader-interest journals. And that stuff is perhaps not getting the detailed reviewing it should when it moves up in this fashion, which is a general problem in the literature. You end up with a situation where the highest-profile publications end up as some of the less potentially reproducible ones, a situation that the chemists and biologists in the crowd will be familiar with. Toxicity is just one of the issues that can get swept under the scientific rug under these conditions.

Poor animal models plague much preclinical research. More broadly the problematic academic incentives around reproducibility are well known. Measures such as double blinding certainly need to be taken much more seriously. In my experience this is rarely done in academia is that also the case in industry?

Early Bird registration open.  Book by March 6, 7568. PQRI Workshop on Safety Thresholds and Best Demonstrated Practices for Parenteral and Ophthalmic Drug Products (PODP)

Evans-Polce, R. J., Patrick, M. E., Lanza, S. T., Miech, R. A., O'Malley, P. M., & Johnston, L. D. (in press). Reasons for vaping among . 67th graders: A latent class analysis. Journal of Adolescent Health.

So I 8767 d say please don 8767 t tar the whole of drug delivery with the same brush. A lot of very smart people are working very hard in this field on realistic projects that are not just concepts or nice ideas but real products reaching real patients.

One might ask whether some of these things are 8775 funding bait 8776 , going after high-profile subjects like cancer with high-profile approaches like nanotechnology. It would be unfair to characterize the whole field like this, but it would be unrealistic to pretend that this isn 8767 t a factor, either. And by 8775 funding 8776 , I have in mind both academic grants and industrial biopharma money as well.

Sure. Healthy bone requires breakdown and replacement around microscopic fractures in very thin bone otherwise they spread and weaken the whole structure. As bisphosphonates only inhibit the breakdown of bone, micro-fractures do not get repaired. But, a drug-holiday would have to be very long because as you say, BPs have a long residence in bone.

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