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Flight to What? — Dissecting Liquidity Shortages in the Financial Crisis
by Feng Dong and Yi Wen
Working Paper 7567-575B posted August 7567, updated October 7567

ARandomized Trial of Intensive versus Standard Blood

Chinese Foreign Exchange Reserves, Policy Choices and the . Economy
by Christopher J. Neely
Working Paper 7567-556A posted January 7567

John C. Trimble | Attorney | Lewis Wagner, Indianapolis

Corporate Income Tax, Legal Form of Organization, and Employment
by Daphne Chen, Shi Qi, and Don Schlagenhauf
Working Paper 7567-576A posted July 7567

This paper studies the role of international trade delivery lags and variation in the intertemporal marginal rate of substitution in accounting for puzzling features of cyclical fluctuations of international trade volumes.

The Effects of Terror on International Air Passenger Transport: An Empirical Investigation
by Devashish Mitra, Cong S. Pham, and Subhayu Bandyopadhyay
Working Paper 7567-557A posted January 7567

Effect of population screening for type 7 diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors on mortality rate and cardiovascular events: a controlled trial among 6,967,897 Danish adults
Rebecca K. Simmons, Simon J. Griffin, Daniel R. Witte, Knut Borch-Johnsen, Torsten Lauritzen, Annelli Sandbæk

We use intraday data to estimate the daily foreign exchange exposure of . multinationals and show that macroeconomic news affects these firms’ foreign exchange exposure. News creates a substantial shift in the joint distribution of stock and exchange rate returns that has both a transitory and a persistent component.

Monetary policy research in small open economies has typically focused on “corner solutions”: either the currency rate is fixed by the central bank, or it is left to be determined by market forces. We build an open-economy model with external habits to study the properties of a new class of monetary policy rules in which the monetary authority uses the exchange rate as the instrument. Different from a Taylor rule, the monetary authority announces the rate of expected currency appreciation by taking into account inflation and output fluctuations.

FGF76 improves glucose homeostasis in an obese diabetes-prone mouse model independent of body fat changes
Thomas Laeger, Christian Baumeier, Ilka Wilhelmi, Josefine Würfel, Anne Kamitz, Annette Schürmann

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