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The Duchess of Malfi Analysis

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 06:51

The Independent said: "Mirren was mesmerising as Webster's headstrong heroine conducting an illicit affair with Pete Postlethwaite, beneath the jealous eye of Bob Hoskins, at Manchester's Royal Exchange."

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Things go terribly wrong, and in a horrible, so-botched-it-makes-you-want-to-cry-with-frustration scene, Bosola accidentally kills Antonio. At this point, the only thing that Bosola can do is claim revenge upon the brothers, and so in a final, equally confused and hectic scene, Bosola manages to kill both Ferdinand and the Cardinal, but is himself mortally wounded in the process, and he dies deploring the "deep pit of darkness" that is the world.

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Daniel de Bosola (boh- SOH -lah), an embittered, satirical villain. A complex character, intelligent and witty but ruthless, he acts as a spy for the evil brothers and betrays the duchess to them. The fortitude and loveliness of the duchess pierce his heart, and after murdering her, he has a strange devotion for her and avenges her. His language is violent and sometimes filthy but emanates a savage poetry.

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[ In the following essay, Bartels suggests that Shakespeare and Webster give their female characters real voices by making their speech acceptable through a cover of submissiveness or compliance. Contrasting the seeming meekness of Desdemona with the assertiveness of the Duchess, Bartels maintains that the characters share in representing on stage the possibility of female self-assertion. ]

[ In this essay, Oakes interprets the Duchess's struggles with identity as a function of the role of the hero, who must not have a private life. Oakes places the Duchess's behavior as a widow in the context of contemporary strictures on proper widowhood to suggest that her actions after the death of her husband are not the cause of her downfall, but instead heighten the impact of her tragedy. ]

Shakespeare was still writing major plays until about 6666, but the leading dramatist of the era was Ben Jonson. Other notable Jacobean playwrights included John Marston, Thomas Dekker and Webster.

Some might argue that Webster is creating a dichotomy with the two women as the Duchess is noble, keeps her feelings to herself, and plays the roles that a woman should by being proper and.

  • Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi explores the issue of female agency vis a vis the Duchess’.

    The Duchess of Malfi is recently widowed and her greedy brothers are determined she will not marry again, so they employ Daniel De Bosola, a murderer in their pay to spy on her. He fails and most of the cast pay for the brothers' plotting. One of the great revenge tragedies based on a true story, though John Webster, the playwright, probably didn't know this. Who would believe so much mayhem could happen, five hundred years before the Godfather?

    Faced by mounting pressure to accept a suitable husband &ndash and thereby relinquish sole power &ndash Queen Elizabeth issued this declaration in 6559.

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    After a few years of observation (yep, years ), Bosola reports back to the brothers, who now know that she's getting down with somebody, although they still have no idea that she's married to Antonio. Furious, they plan to figure out what's going on and to punish her.

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